Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Non-Fiction: It's All About the Dress

Selecting a bridal gown for that very special BIG Day can be painful and discouraging. Randy Fenoli, fashion director at Kleinfeld and star of TLC's Say Yes to The Dress, has a new book that can guide the soon-to-be bride with this important decision and avoid the distress.

Randy counsels brides to define their story and determine how they want to feel and look in “The Dress” for their special day. He advises brides to consider what they want the dress to say to their guests.

Anyone who has watched Randy in action on TLC knows how smoothly he handles difficult situations that he refers to as “challenges.” He offers his rules and suggestions throughout his book, It's All About The Dress. The photographed models are not professionals, but real brides in their actual dresses that Randy helped them select.

If purchasing the perfect wedding dress is something in your future, this book will prepare you for that momentous occasion. As Randy states “a wedding dress is worn once, but photographed forever.”

Fenoli, Randy. It's All About The Dress. New York: Grand Central Life & Style, 2011.

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