Saturday, April 28, 2007

Carnegie Museum of Montgomery County progress

The reconstruction and remodeling of the Carnegie Museum has come very far since December 2005 when we first began to gut the interior of the old library in order to transform it into a modern museum -- while restoring the original building's grandeur. Be sure to visit the Carnegie Museum's web site too see more reconstruction pictures.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Carnegie Museum hours announced

When the Carnegie Museum opens this spring, the hours will be Wednesday through Saturday 10am-5pm, but additional tours will be given by appointment.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Carnegie Museum opening this spring!

The Carnegie building served from 1902 to 2005 as the Crawfordsville Public Library. When the museum opens visitors will be able to view the building in it restored glory. The original floors containing mosaic tile from 1902 will greet visitors as they enter the building.

Owned and operated by the Crawfordsville District Public Library, the purpose of the Carnegie Museum is to be an interdisciplinary museum of Montgomery County and for the people of Montgomery County. It will contain history, art, science, and culture.

The two story museum houses six galleries with various themes and a rotating exhibition schedule within those themes. The inaugural exhibit in the temporary Exhibition Gallery is collaboration between Tuttle Middle School, Crawfordsville Electric Light & Power, the Montgomery County Historical Society, and the Carnegie. "Exploring the Shocking World of Electricity" will include the history of electricity and CEL&P.

Other galleries include the Business & Industry Gallery which features both past and present businesses of the county. The Athens Gallery will focus on literature, learning, arts & culture, military and democracy. Other galleries will cover Sports & Pop Culture Gallery, Montgomery County highlights and Early History.

The museum is located at 222 S. Washington Street (US 231), two blocks south of the courthouse. Parking is located behind the building.

Hours: Please call for more information.

Admission: Free