Monday, February 25, 2008

Ingenious High School Artists Embellish CDPL Gallery

December gallery at CDPL While not-so-patiently awaiting the first breath of spring "outside"; the Library's Mary Bishop Memorial Art Gallery offers you an "inside" profusion of beauty to tide you over until real spring decides to descend. It is a fresh, energetic explosion of over 300 colorful images from the imaginings of young Montgomery County artists. This spring awakening will be exhibited in the gallery from Sunday, February 24th until Sunday, March 16th during regular library hours.

High School Art Students, with the help of Art Teachers and Tri Kappa Sorority members, will again wow you with their rich talent and focused tenacious skills. Every art student who wishes to enter this event may do so, in one or several of the following categories; Ceramics, Computer Graphics-Graphic Design & Communication Arts, Drawing 1 and 2, Jewelry & Metalsmithing, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography 1 and 2, Printmaking, Sculpture and Textile & Fiber Design. The six High School Art Teachers, Sheila McCormick and Marianne Ballenger of Crawfordsville High School, JD Minch and Mike Strickler at North Montgomery, Eleanor Brewer and Janet McVay at Southmont, suggest categories which may challenge individual students, teach skills needed by those students, encourage artists to put forth their best effort and lastly, get pieces gallery-ready by matting and shrink-wrapping each one. Ribbons and Financial Rewards, in each of the fourteen categories, are given for first, second, third place and honorable mention. An Award is also given for Best of Show and People's choice. Each year Tri Kappa members hire an experienced, independent artist to judge student work. This year's judge is our very own local artist and member of the Hoosier Salon, Jerry Smith. Without the Tri Kappa volunteers this philanthropic event would not take place. Each year Tri Kappa women, most of who are employed full time outside the home, volunteer to work with high school art teachers creating categories, time-lines, student data bases for printing labels, labeling each piece upon receipt, hiring judges and last but certainly not least, placing each piece of art in a categorically artistic manner on the walls and in the display cases of the gallery. When you visit this amazing exhibit of artistic diversity, be prepared to be awed by the scope and depth of talent emanating from these high-spirited young artists. You will have the opportunity to vote for your favorite piece for the people's choice award! Enjoy!

Preview Shelf for CDPL

The Crawfordsville District Public Library now has an electric typewriter available for use within the building. The novel "The Gathering" by Anne Enright gives a brave look at Ireland and a sympathetic look at the characters of a large Irish family haunted by the past. "The Uncommon Reader" by Alan Bennett is a funny novella about the Queen of England whose new passion for reading leads to funny consequences for the country at large. Jim Butcher's "Captain's Fury" is book four of his Codex Alera in which forces of nature take physical form. Michael Chabon's "Gentlemen of the Road" brings back the rollicking spirit of legendary adventures as an itinerant physician and an ex-soldier make their way through the Caucasus Mountains circa 950 A.D. Linda Miller's "McKettrick's Luck" is the first in a new McKettrick Men series about a westerner whose ancestors tamed the wilds of Arizona. A tale of the American West rodeo, involving poison and rumors is Catherine Anderson's "Sun Kissed". Bret Lott has edited "The Best Christian Short Stories" of Homer Hickam, Larry Woiwode, Erin McGraw and others. Two mysteries are Maggie Sefton's "A Killer Stitch" finding holiday knitters in Fort Connor, Colorado mixed up in the death of an alpaca rancher, and Peter Tremayne's "A Prayer for the Damned" a mystery of Ireland in 668 A.D. when a King is accused of a crime on the eve of a wedding he is to attend. Nonfiction covers many vistas. "America's Best Value Colleges" 2008 edition describes 165 schools that The Princeton Review staff thinks give "the most bang for your buck without saddling you with loans". "What Color Is Your Parachute?" updated by Richard Bolles is the practical manual for job hunters that's been almost permanently on best seller lists. "Here If You Need Me" by Kate Braestrup is the inspiring story of pursuing her lost husband's dream and becoming a minister herself, seving as chaplain for search-and-rescue missions in the Maine woods. "Rachel in the World" is Jane Bernstein's memoir learning to accept her daughter's disabilities and finding unexpected pleasures locating a place for her in the world. "Rickles' Book" is an easy-to-read pleasureable memoir by the comedian and good man Don Rickles.
Laurie Steelsmith's "Natural Choices for Women's Health" gives secrets of natural and Chinese medicine for a lifetime of wellness. "12 Simple Secrets Real Moms Know" is Michele Borba's treatise on getting back to basics raising happy kids. Paul Coughlin's "No More Jellyfish, Chickens, or Wimps" proposes ways to raise secure, assertive Christian kids in a tough world. On that note, "Thanks!" is Robert Emmons' book about how the science of gratitude can make one happier. An important look at religious passions that are driving world politics is Mark Lilla's "The Stillborn God" revealing the sources of the quest to bring political life under God's authority, and its role in shaping Western thought. In "The Art of Power" Thich Nhat Hanh says power is only good for increasing our happiness and the happiness of others. Al Janssen and Brother Andrew who began taking Bibles to Christians behind closed borders in 1955 have joined to write "Secret Believers" telling what happens when Muslims believe in Christ. "Predators" by Gregory Cooper and Michael King tells how to recognize predatory behavior before it strikes, and how to deal with it if we find ourselves in its grasp. "Common Ground" by Cal Thomas and Bob Beckel shows how to get beyond partisanship, restore civility, and move our country forward.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Genealogy Club of Montgomery County, Indiana

Genealogy Club of Montgomery County, Indiana 7:00 pm, March 11, 2008.

Early Surveying Procedures & Indiana's 10 O'clock Line
By Jim Swift and Henry Swift, Boone County surveyor & H. S. student
Crawfordsville District Public Library , Lower Level in Donnelly Room.
Public Invited! Call (765) 362-2242, ext. 4 for more information.
Officers will met at 6:30 pm.

Preview Shelf -- A New Library Service!

The Crawfordsville District Public Library has begun to send out automatic e-mail reminders to patrons two days before their items are due. The system is using the e-mail address you provided when you registered for your library card. If you believe that we have an old or incorrect e-mail address, contact us so we can correct it. If you did not provide an e-mail address but wish to do so now so you can receive automatic reminders, contact us so we can add it. You can also request to add or change your e-mail address online by logging on to your account at the library's web site. Please note that the library does not share your personal data such as e-mail addresses with anyone.

"Household Secrets" by Frances Halahan comes as advice from National Trust experts aimed at keeping possessions looking good and devoid of deterioration; ceramics, metals, textiles, furniture, and paper goods are targeted. "It's About Time" is David Mermin's treatise about how Einstein's theory of relativity is accessible to readers without training in the sciences, revealing that some of our most intuitive notions about time are wrong. "Death in the Pot" is Morton Satin's documentation of several culinary mishaps and misdeeds from the ancient world to today, like Athen's contaminated cereals which lead to their defeat in the Peloponnesian War. "Salem Witch Judge" by Eve LaPlante tells the life and repentance of Puritan Samuel Sewall who sent 20 people to death on trumped-up witchcraft charges; this history includes his later very good deeds like authoring the first American antislavery tract, and supporting the education of Native Americans. It's important to note the author is the judge's 6th-great granddaughter. Yasmin Khan's "The Great Partition" is about the supposed blessed division of India in 1947, freeing India from British rule and creating the Muslim state of Pakistan; this brought displacement and death, benefitting a few at the expense of the very many, and the repercussions resound even 60 years later. "The Lost Men" is Kelly Tyler-Lewis' presentation of Sir Ernest Shackleton's harrowing 1914 expedition crossing Antarctica; he "had not anticipated that the work would present any great difficulties". Mildred Kalish's "Little Heathens" is about hard times and high spirits on an Iowa farm during the Great Depression. "The Game Within The Game"" by Walt Frazier shares his keys to success in basketball, his vivid memories, anecdotes, and his controversial opinions. "Getting Open" by Tom Graham and Rachel Graham Cody tells about Bill Garrett and the integration of college basketball. My Life In and Out of a Helmet is the subtitle of "The Bus" by Jerome Bettis who describes his troubled childhood in Detroit on the long road to ten glorious seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers. "The Great Expectations School" by Dan Brown reports his first year experiences as a novice teacher of fourth-grade problem cases; he offered help by starting a Visual Arts Club to teach photography and film making. "Falling Forward" by Grammy Award winner Sandi Patty explains her fall from grace, how she got help, and how her life now is happy. It begins, "Moving ahead while being aware of the scrutiny of others is not easy." Davis, Jenkins, and Hunt's "The Bond" is the statement of three Doctors how they learned to forgive and reconnect with their absent fathers.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Scrapbook Workshops

Scrapbook Workshop presented by Sue Griffith

March 8, at the Crawfordsville District Public Library

Crop Workshop 9:30-4:30 -- $10.00 for whole day, $5.00 for half day

Beginner Class 10:00-12:00 -- $8.00 materials charge

"Celebrate!" theme class 1:30-3:00 -- $5.00 materials charge

Pre-register at Circulation Desk (362-2242) through March 6.

General questions regarding the workshop can be directed to the Reference Department at Extension 117 and specific questions can be directed to Sue at 307-7738 or

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Automatic e-mail reminders

Do you want to be reminded by e-mail when your items are almost due? If so, be sure we have your correct e-mail address!

The Crawfordsville District Public Library has begun to send out automatic e-mail reminders to patrons two days before their items are due. The system is using the e-mail address you provided when you registered for your library card. If you believe that we have an old or incorrect e-mail address, contact us so we can correct it. And contact us if you did not provide an e-mail address but wish to do so now so that you can get automatic reminders.

You can also request to add or change your e-mail address online by logging on to your account in the Polaris catalog.

Note: The Crawfordsville District Public Library will not share your personal data such as e-mail addresses with anyone.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Fascinating February Fantasy Fills Library's Art Gallery

In 2006, the North Montgomery Community School Corporation introduced fifteen new curriculum reform initiatives meant to improve each student's educational experience. It is hoped that through these enhancing adventure experiences students will be even better prepared to reach their highest potential academically and in later life. These enterprising "Bratton Initiatives" were named for the outstanding Montgomery County resident, William E. Bratton, member extraordinaire of the famed Lewis and Clark Louisiana Purchase Discovery Expedition and later Montgomery County's first official Superintendent of Public Schools.

An important one of these initiatives is the sponsoring of a district-wide public art display showcasing these unique and unusual artistic adventures of Kindergarten through Twelfth grade students under the tutelage of NMSC art teachers Lisa Cosby, Debby Feldman, Kim Goebel, JD Minch, Mike Strickler and Angela Vinson. Over two-hundred imaginative images have been gleaned from this exciting and stimulating collaborative effort.

Joining the NMSC student artwork this year will be the work of home schooled Montgomery County student artists exhibiting photography resulting from a home-school Photography Class taught by artist/photographer Dawn Meadows. This exhibit includes the work of Dawn's students Arlan R. Lucas, Chelsey Olson Brooke Raley and a piece of Dawn's photography.

Those yearning to experience this Fantastic February Fantasy will find it in the Library's Mary Bishop Memorial Art Gallery from Thursday, January 31 until Friday, February 22. Do come often and stay long. Find the scent of spring in a plethora of outstanding and varied images direct from the hands of these young artists, who hold our future in their talented hands. You won't want to miss a single piece! Enjoy!

Written for the Journal Review by
Diane Hammill, Coordinator
Mary Bishop Memorial Art Gallery
Crawfordsville Public Library