Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Books on Babies

$204,060 is what the federal government estimates it costs to raise a child born in 2010 until 2028. Even that may not really count the cost of daycare and post secondary school. But nevertheless Denise and Alan Fields, authors of Baby Bargains have help for parents worried about the high cost of children.

Their book guides parents wanting to buy "quality at a discount." They propose 7 commandments to follow:
1.Safety is job ONE - avoid used cribs and car seats as safety requirements change
2.Focus on the Basics - your mission is to have a safe place for baby to sleep and ride in the car
3.Weed out the Fluff - take an experienced parent along when shopping to help select the necessary items
4.Two words: Free Money - take advantage of employer sponsored dependent care accounts and other tax deductions or credits
5.More Freebies - new parents often receive discounts to entice them into stores
6.Shop at stores that don't include Baby in their name - places like discount stores that are not specially catering to babies may have better prices
7.Online Shopping Savvy -use those coupons for free shipping and discounts before ordering online. Monitor the free message boards at

They state that their focus is on safety and durability. Two factors that interest every new parent!

Also new to the library is Baby 411, an easy-to-use guide with answers and advice for your baby's first year.

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