Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Preview Shelf -- Summer Reading at CDPL

The Crawfordsville Library's circulation wall lists titles that patrons have read for this year's Race Into Reading program, and the readers have given the books ratings. They're listed by genres like fiction, history, mystery, humor, biography etc.which might help patrons searching for their own summer reading. Here are newly requested books of fiction. The new A.D. Chronicle "Ninth Witness" by Bodie & Brock Thoene transports readers back in time when in Rome Herod's son reigns while fatherless youngsters journey to Jerusalem for Passover. "Joelle's Secret" by Gilbert Morris is set in the mid-1800s when a 17-year-old escapes her Tennessee river town to join a wagon train to California. Shatter" by Michael Robotham features the hero of his previous book "Suspect" (also available at the library) who now tries to prevent a suicide and finds himself locked in a deadly duel with a very clever killer. "Mounting Fears" by Stuart Woods is a plot involving the President and his wife who happens to be the head of the CIA; a threat from abroad looms. Karen Robards' "Pursuit" also weaves a complex tale of political conspiracy at the highest level of government. "Knit Two" by Kate Jacobs continues with tales about members of the "Friday Night Knitting Club" (also available to borrow) as the patterns of their projects symbolize their various situations. Walter Mosley's "The Long Fall" is his first Leonid McGill mystery about an ex-boxer, hard drinker, old-school P.I. working in 21st century Manhattan, the city behind the city, with mobsters, corrupt cops, compromised bankers, you know the type, from whom McGill needs to learn information for a high-paying client.The two newest books about the big expedition beginning in 1803 are "The Essential Lewis and Clark" edited by Landon Jones, essentially the most important of their journal entries, and "Along the Trail with Lewis and Clark" published by Montana Magazine with historical highlights, colored maps, and advice where to stay and what to do to while visiting that area.The Culinary Institute of America has published a large, colorful manual, "Techniques of Healthy Cooking". "Food Matters" by Mark Bittman, is a guide to conscious eating including 75 special recipes. "Foods to Fight Cancer" comes from Richard Beliveau. "The One-Dish Chicken Cookbook" by Mary Evans offers more variety of recipes than you'd expect (120 from around the world). Animals are popular subjects. Denny Rogers' "The Illustrated Owl - barn, barred & great horned" is an ultimate reference guide for bird lovers, woodcarvers, and artists because it shows the details of feathers and shapes of claws. "Training the Hard-to-Train Dog" by Peggy Swager specializes in effective techniques for working with shy, controlling, and stubborn dogs. Jon Katz' "Izzy & Lenore" is "the story of two dogs, an unexpected journey, and me" delving into his connections with a once-abandoned dog when dealing with the arrival of a new companion. "Raising Dairy Goats" by Jerome Belanger tells about breeds, their care, and the profession of dairying. "Spiders: The Ultimate Predators" by Stephen Dalton, begins with the English rhyme "If you wish to live and thrive/Let the spider run alive". It says "Spiders rarely bite, even if provoked." This book explains and illustrates all the truths and all the mistruths for arachnophobes and "bug lovers".

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