Tuesday, January 21, 2014

In the gallery @ CDPL!

The art in the gallery was created by the Smoll Family.  All of the Smoll's are very talented in art and many other areas. Here are the descriptions of themselves they added to the show.

As a family, none of us consider ourselves artists.  Dean thinks of himself as a traveler, Tracy considers herself a teacher, Dakota has always been an adventurer, Coleman is learning to be an artist, and Emma feels that she is still a student.  However, we all believe that the world around us is amazing and we continually look for the wonder and awe in it.

Tracy is the Art Teacher at Hose Elementary.  She teaches Kindergarten and First Grade.  She also owns a small pottery business named smollthings.  She is continually amazed by the world around her.

Dean works for Nela Inc.  He travels all over the United States, Canada, South America and sometimes other places. He is a keen observer of everything around him and he keeps his camera close4.  He regularly goes for hikes, he is a birder, and he is continually amazed by the world around him.

Dakota currently lives in Spokane, Washington where he is working on getting his pilot's license.  He has wanted to fly airplanes since he was a baby.  Most summers he works in Alaska where he is continually amazed by the world around him.

Coleman is a junior at Indiana University.  His major is Graphic Design.  He is not only a student, but works at Jimmy John's as a bike deliver guy, works during the summers to save money for school and is always amazed by the world around him...and the world in his head.

Emma is a sophomore at West Lafayette High School.  She has had several amazing art teachers including Ann Stanley, Laurie Vellner, Marianne Ballenger and Verna Yoder.  Emma has always excelled at art but is more interested in science because she is continually amazed at the world around her.

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