Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Spanish classes

Learn Spanish!

yohabloes 300x300  Romania has 4 million Spanish speakersSpanish classes with Adriana Deck continue in October. 

Beginners, if you are interested in learning Basic Spanish, this is the class for you: Tuesdays from 4-5p.m.

Ready for more? If you would like to become fluent in Spanish, this is the class for you: Thursdays from 6-7p.m.

Kids, Adriana Deck can teach you the Spanish language: Thursdays from 5-6p.m.

 If you have questions, call Adriana at 765-376-9500. Cost is $10 per class.

Clases de Ingles:Profesora Adriana Deck de 7p.m. a 8 p.m. Costo es $10 cada semana. Si tiene preguntas sobre las clases de ingles, puede llamar Adriana al (765) 365-9500.

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