Wednesday, May 08, 2013

In the Gallery

 Art from Tony Jeurissen and Kara Edie

Hi, my name is Tony Jeurissen.  I am a Montgomery County artist.  I use the name Anton when I sign my work because it is a lot shorter then my full name.  I was born with a pencil in my hands.  My formal art training was persistence lol.  My inspiration came from my mother and all the famous Dutch artists.  Pencil drawing has been my lifetime hobby.  My style is an imitation of brushstrokes with pencil.  I call it “squibble” art.  My pencil is constantly moving!   Tricks I use to achieve the final result are:  rubbing, erasing, smearing, scuffing and layering.  Some of the tools I use are: tape, soap, Kleenex and paper towels.  Most of my subjects are a reflection of my character and locale.  I love history and the area in which we reside.  Most of all, I love the ever changing sky.  By combining History and Art I am hoping my show will bring back lots of memories.
 Kara Edie, originally from LaPorte County, Indiana, is a graduate of Franklin College with a degree in journalism.  She is the Marketing Director at the Montgomery County Visitors &  Convention Bureau; before that, she spent 8 years as part of the award-winning “Lew’s Crew” at the General Lew Wallace Study & Museum.  Kara is also the outgoing president of the Art League of Montgomery County and she encourages everyone to visit the Art Leagues’s collaborative art exhibit later this summer.  Kara lives in Linden with her husband John, daughter Riley, and son Jeremy.  “My photography is very simple,” she says.  “I’ve been fortunate enough to notice some of the breathtaking moments that God provides us every day, and sometimes, luckily, I have my camera with me.”

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