Thursday, August 25, 2011

Beat the Heat with Facebook!

When the weather reaches the 90s, it is time to find someplace cool and out of the heat. What better time to learn and practice your social networking skills. Afraid of Twitter and Facebook? CDPL has just the remedy to ease those concerns.

Tod Kelsey in his book Social Network Spaces: from Facebook to Twitter and Everything In Between encourages readers to join Facebook and start exploring. It is free and anyone can join. One of the many things you can accomplish on Facebook is sharing pictures. Family members can become Facebook friends and post pictures that they can share. This is especially beneficial for sharing photos of the kids with grandparents and other interested parties who live far away.

Dave Awl the author of facebook me! lists tasks you can do on Facebook:
  • Reconnect with old friends and make new ones
  • Keep track of what your friend are doing
  • Share information with friends by posting photos, videos, notes
  • Share links to other websites
  • Invite friends to get-togethers and parties

He also has tips and strategies for dealing with common problems and concerns:
  • How to protect your privacy
  • How to evaluate a friend request
  • How to decide what applications are trustworthy

More information and computers you can use to practice social networking skills are all available at CDPL.

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