Friday, June 03, 2011

2011 Adult Summer Reading Program

Take Your Chances at the Library You could BE the Winner! You never know! You might win the GRAND PRIZE! You could win a prize or prizes!
Are you willing to take the chance?

The Grand Prize for the Adult Summer Reading Program "Take Your Chances at the Library" is a two-night stay at one of French Licks Historic Hotels (from CDPL) and a $100 gift card (From the French Licks Hotels)!

Rules of the Game:
  1. Sign up at the Circulation Desk.
  2. Read 10 books in 8 weeks based on what the dice tell you to read. You will roll one die for the genre and the other die for the type of material.
  3. Last day to sign up is July 15.
List of Genres…
  • Fantasy
  • Suspense
  • Comedy
  • Western
  • Romance
  • Your Choice
Type of Materials…
  • Fiction
  • Non-Fiction
  • Book on CD or Tape
How to get in the Weekly Drawing...
Read your book
Fill out your Drawing Slip
Turn your slip in every week by every Wednesday before 9:00PM.
There will be a drawing every week on Thursday at 1:00PM.
We will call the winners every week and post you name at the Circulation Desk.
You may have more than one Drawing Slip in a weekly drawing.

Choosing Your Prize…
There will be 3 weekly draws.
The first person drawn will have a choice of a gift bag with a donation from local businesses, a book, or a set of hanging dice. The second person will have the second choice of the two remaining prizes. Then the third person will take the remaining prize.

Earning Points:
Every time you turn in a Drawing Slip, you will need to roll the two dice with dots.
Record your points next to your name on the board (Located by the Circulation Desk). If there is a tie, we will do a drawing. The winner of the drawing will be the winner of the points.

Players that Complete the Game…
Complete the game by July 29th. All players that complete the game will be in a drawing for our Grand Prize and Runner-Up Prize.

Questions and Concerns?
Please feel free to contact the Circulation Department at 765-362-2242 EXT 2 Or you may do so in person

Program Coordinator:
Katy Myers
Andrew Swank

Thank you for playing!

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