Monday, June 12, 2006

Dynamic Duet - Ashby & Ashby: Art & Photography

Though born in very different parts of the country, Joseph L. and Deborah K. Ashby recognized early, and separately, their passion for all things natural. The internal glow of this early passion has never dimmed, through their marriage and business careers, but has blossomed profusely in the clear light of day.

How were these multi-talented artists from Brownsburg, Indiana discovered? Just after Christmas 2005, while delivering the Hoosier Salon Traveling Exhibit to its' next venue in Plainfield Indiana's Public Library Art Gallery, I was mesmerized by the photography of Deborah and Joseph Ashby, still hanging in the Art Gallery. I knew immediately that I needed to meet these two artists and convince them to exhibit in our Library's Gallery, and soon!

Little did I know how enamored I would be by their exhibited art, and that of others, as I entered their "Artistic Designs Gallery" of Custom Framing, Fine Art, Posters & Reproduction, Art Classes, Artist Materials, Original Paintings, Limited Edition Prints and Sculpture on Green Street in Brownsburg Indiana. With bated breath, I asked if they would be open to displaying in Crawfordsville. In spite of the distance and delivery difficulties, they agreed wholeheartedly to come and share their passionate interpretation of nature in all its glory with the Crawfordsville community. HURRAY!

So, from Wednesday, May 31 until Thursday, June 29, during regular library hours, you will be treated to A DYNAMIC DUET: the Art and Photography of Debbie and Joe Ashby in the Mary Bishop Memorial Art Gallery at the new Library.

DEBORAH K. ASHBY was born and raised in the beautiful rolling hills of the Finger Lakes region of New York State. There was no way that Debbie could not have been influenced by the beauty that was free for the looking, every single day! Wishing to capture and share the essence of that beauty, Debbie began her photographic quest at the age of 13. It only took a few snapshots to ignite the passion within her to capture what she had seen, but to evoke her response in others who could not have her daily heritage and perhaps change their lives.

Complete with program distinction honors, Debbie received her BS Degree in Biomedical Communications (Photography) at Stockton State College in Pomona, New Jersey and since coming to Indiana, she has pursued her passion by taking workshops with well credentialed nature photographers.

Through her photography, Deborah has developed a fascination with natural abstractions. She seeks and finds intriguing compositions that create images that capture the imagination. She often combines these single images into multiples and creates unbelievable abstractions. She names these images "Kaleidoscopes of Nature".

Although an Illinois native, JOSEPH L. ASHBY has spent most of his life in Indiana. From an early age Joseph was attracted to everything in nature and was inspired to create unforgettable natural images with his 35 mm camera, purchased when he was 17. He developed an avid interest in nature, particularly birds, though birds are not to be found in his photography. He spends numerous hours hiking through and photographing natural areas. Some of his best images have been used in creating master plans for Indiana Nature Preserves.

Joe is essentially self-taught, though he participates in photographic workshops to better his technical skills and concentrate on composition, an area which he feels is too often neglected. Through his research in the area of composition, Joe has developed a slide presentation through which he has taught other photographers since 1995.

While the couple spends many hours exploring and shooting side by side, each has his/her own vision. Each spring, the couple is drawn to the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, where they search for hidden floral treasures and hike through the hills looking for a waterfall just begging to be photographed. Annually they travel to Glacier National Park where the landscape is beyond magnificent and they are provided with endless and true inspiration.

Don't let yourself miss these passionate interpretations, of nature in the raw,
as interpreted by the DYNAMIC DUET of Ashby & Ashby Art and Photography.

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